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Regrow Your Confidence with PepFactor at Chester Skin & Wellness

Is the hair on the scalp starting to thin? Hair loss is a common problem for many people. Losing a few strands is normal, but a thinning scalp might be an entirely different issue. At Chester Skin & Wellness, we offer hair restoration services using PepFactor. This blend of growth factor and peptide results in thicker and longer hair strands that look natural on you.

Why Choose Chester Skin and Wellness For Your Hair Loss Treatment

There’s no need to rely on hair transplant surgery to restore your long and voluminous hair, thanks to our team of experts at Chester Skin & Wellness. Our highly trained doctors and injectors have years of experience in administering PepFactor to help different patients with their hair loss problems.

Here are other reasons that make us the best provider of PepFactor:

  • Treatments Only By the Best – All of our cosmetic services are performed by Dr. Deborah Petrowsky, an expert clinician who has over a decade of experience in aesthetic medicine. Together with our highly skilled med spa staff, you can trust us to provide the best hair restoration treatment you deserve.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans – At Chester Skin & Wellness, we believe that the best treatment plans should be based on the patient’s beauty needs and goals. We always take the time to sit down and know more about our patients so we can create personalized treatments for them.

Achieve Your True Wellness Today

Reach the holistic, complete wellness you never knew your mind and body needed, with our team of specialists at Chester Skin & Wellness. Give us a call today for your consultation.

  • Excellent Customer Service and Medical Spa Experience – One of the many things we’re proud of at Chester Skin & Wellness is that our patients always feel better about their appearance after a treatment session in our office. We focus on customer satisfaction by prioritizing each patient’s safety and comfort.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities and Medical-Grade Equipment – We perform all of our services inside state-of-the-art facilities to give you the ultimate med spa experience. All of our tools and equipment are also sterile and sanitized before each procedure.

What Makes Pep Factor Popular For New Hair Growth?

Pep Factor serum is a revolutionary treatment for hair loss that doesn’t require a surgical procedure. It’s a formulated type of protein that revitalizes the hair follicles to produce thicker and longer scalp hair, leading to excellent and natural-looking hair growth results.

The natural formulation and regenerative properties of PepFactor stimulate the natural fibroblast in the scalp, which boosts elastin and collagen production in the treatment area. What makes this serum so unique is its composition of 146 amino acid polypeptide chains – the only bioidentical and mature protein found in the country.

This treatment is extremely effective for patients at the early stages of female or male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). But even those suffering from stage 5 hair loss can experience significant improvement on their scalp several weeks of Pep Factor treatments.

Achieve Your True Wellness Today

Reach the holistic, complete wellness you never knew your mind and body needed, with our team of specialists at Chester Skin & Wellness. Give us a call today for your consultation.

4 Benefits of PepFactor For Hair Loss

  • Natural Scalp Rejuvenation – Since the formula naturally stimulates the scalp, patients experience natural hair regrowth and healthy scalp rejuvenation. This leads to voluminous hair that looks natural
  • Safe and Effective Alternative to Hair Transplant – Surgical procedures like hair transplants are often accompanied by certain risks. If you’re looking for a safe treatment that produces almost the same results but without the side effects, then Pep Factor is for you.
  • Hassle-Free Procedures – Pep Factor treatments don’t require plastic surgery so there’s no need for extensive preparations before the procedure nor long downtime after it. The Pep Factor topical serum is simply applied to the treatment areas, so patients don’t need to worry about pain or discomfort.
  • Quick and Long-Lasting Results – Most of our patients notice initial results a few weeks after their treatment, but it takes a while before the final results show. Since this treatment involves treating the hair loss problem at its root, you can enjoy the results of the hair treatment for longer.

Are You a Good Candidate for PepFactor Scalp Treatment for Hair Regrowth?

Although Pep Factor for hair loss is a safe treatment, it might not be the best option for everyone. It still carries certain risks that you should be aware of before trying the treatment. You’re a good candidate for this procedure if:

  • You have a hair loss problem that’s affecting your confidence – Hair loss problems often cause distress for patients, which is why they seek different treatments to solve the problem. If you’re bothered by the thinning hair on your scalp, consult with our team at Chester Skin & Wellness today about your treatment options.
  • You have good overall health – Upon the initial consultation, the doctor examines you and evaluates your medical history. This is an important step that allows us to determine if you’re qualified for the procedure. It also helps us create the best treatment plan for you.
  • You understand the treatment well – It’s extremely important to manage your expectations when it comes to minimally invasive treatments like Pep Factor. Knowing how the treatment works, what results to expect, and which side effects might develop helps you create informed decisions for your body.

Get Thicker and Longer Locks with Pep Factor Treatment At Chester Skin & Wellness

Thinning hair is common especially as people age, but you don’t have to keep hiding in hats for longer – thanks to our Pep Factor treatments for hair loss. Our experts at Chester Skin & Wellness can help you regrow both your hair and confidence without the need for a hair transplant. We also offer other skin rejuvenation and aesthetic solutions for different skin and body issues like Botox, dermal fillers, microneedling, and more.

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